Friday, October 22, 2010

CBR: The Real Truth about Cloud computing... Watch our new Video here

(CBR Online Article)

Here you'll find our latest video on the hottest topic of the moment: cloud computing. Some believe it will mean the end of the IT department, others that it's little more than hype. So who's right?

In our exclusive video, Jason Stamper talks to two Fujitsu experts - Glenn Fitzgerald, Design and Development Director, and Darren Ratcliffe, Principal Customer Solution Architect.

Watch the video below to see the experts put through their paces to answer questions including:

·  What are the potential benefits of cloud computing?
·  Where do different types of cloud make sense?
·  Why are some companies not yet ready for cloud computing?
·  Are companies right to be concerned about security and governance in the cloud?
·  What can cloud and storage virtualisation do to help companies with their burgeoning data storage demands?
·  Does cloud suit every type of application, and does it ultimately mean the end of the IT department?

Click Here to watch the video

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