Friday, November 26, 2010

ViVu unveils new videoconferencing tool for Microsoft Lync

ViVu, a provider of desktop videoconferencing and participative video webinar offerings, has unveiled its VuRoom Multiparty Videoconferencing for Microsoft Lync (previously Microsoft Office Communicator), the instant communicator platform used by enterprises across the world.

VuRoom for Lync provides enterprise-quality videoconferencing for up to eight attendees, where VuRoom displays the videos of all attendees simultaneously for a richer videoconference experience that conveys visual information from listeners and speakers alike.

ViVu said VuRoom also provides an option for adding videoconference attendees from outside the Lync network.

VuRoom supports a range of HD webcams and video cameras, and integrates with SIP-based enterprise Telepresence or video conferencing equipment from Polycom, Tandberg or LifeSize to leverage existing hardware investments.

Users of VuRoom for Lync can access collaboration tools that enhance the Lync feature set, including low latency desktop sharing with HD resolution and colour fidelity, and onscreen file sharing that displays PowerPoint animations, according to the company.

VuRoom was initially released as a Skype plug-in and subsequently recognised as a "Skype Favorite" by Skype users, delivering enterprise-quality collaboration features to the many individuals and small businesses.

ViVu's CEO Sudha Valluru said their new VuRoom plugin for Lync delivers the high-quality video collaboration features users have come to expect from VuRoom, with built-in enterprise-level security and without requiring the addition of hardware or software components to the enterprise IT infrastructure.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Google launches new plug-in to sync MS Office with Docs

Google has launched a new plug-in for Microsoft Office called Cloud Connect that enables users to sync and access their documents through Google Docs, which provides real-time collaboration in the browser, with no software to install, manage or upgrade.

Users of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 can sync their Office documents to the Google cloud for free, without ever leaving Office.

Once synced, documents are backed-up, given a unique URL, and can be accessed from anywhere (including mobile devices) at any time through Google Docs.

Once in the Google cloud, documents can be shared and even simultaneously edited by multiple people, from right within Office, according to Google.

A full revision history is kept as the files are edited, and users can revert to earlier versions in one click.

Users having Google account as well as users through the Google Apps hosted collaboration and communication suite will be able to access the free plug-in.

The Cloud Connect plug-in is available for Google Apps for Business customers as part of a preview programme.

Group product manager Shan Sinha wrote in Google's enterprise blog that unfortunately due to the lack of support for open APIs on Microsoft Office for Mac, they are unable to make Google Cloud Connect available on Macs at this time.

"We look forward to when that time comes so we can provide this feature to our Mac customers as well," Sinha said.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Have Fun and Enjoy Your Life!!

We all complain about our lives from time to time. An unexpected expense comes up or we get laid off from our jobs. So many things can happen to us in even just one day. Unfortunately, complaining is a waste of time. It is a grown up version of whining, and yes, we too have tantrums. The key to enjoying life is in how we react to the events and mishaps in our daily lives.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Google tops US core search with 66.3% market share: comScore

Google led the US explicit core search market in October with 66.3% market share, followed by Yahoo! with 16.5% (down 0.2 percentage points) and Microsoft with 11.5%, according to a report from research firm comScore.

The report said Americans conducted 18.4 billion total core searches in October 2010, with Google sites accounting for 66.3% of share, increase from 66.1% in September.

Yahoo! US' total core search market decreased to 16.5% in October 2010 from 16.7% in September, while Microsoft sites grabbed 11.5% market share, up 0.3 percentage points versus September.

Ask Network grabbed 3.6% of the US core search market, while AOL Network accounted for 2.1%, both registering a drop of 0.1 and 0.2 percentage points, respectively.

In October 2010, Google accounted for 11.8 billion search queries, followed by Yahoo! with 3.4 billion queries and Microsoft sites with 2.2 billion searches.

According to the report, search queries increased marginally by 1% to 598 million from 593 million, while AOL search network queries decreased by 4 percentage points to 346 million from 362 million in September.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazon launches cloud-based supercomputing

Amazon Web Services has launched a new unit of computing, the Elastic Compute Cloud's GPU Cluster Instance, to provide a form of supercomputing in its EC2 cloud for the masses.

The new supercomputing is based on NVIDIA Tesla M2050 processors and provides parallel processing for graphics rendering, simulations and other high performance computing (HPC) tasks, according to

The new GPU Cluster Instance contains 33.5 Elastic Compute Units (ECUs), along with 22 GBs of memory, and is designed to run on a cluster of EC2 servers, making use of the EC2 Cluster 10 Gbs network.

1 Elastic Compute Unit of CPU power is the equivalent of a 2007 Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron chip running at 1 to 1.2 Ghz.

EC2 general manager Peter De Santis was quoted by the website as saying that the cloud based service follows Cluster Compute Instances, which are designed for customers who need additional network and CPU performance for their large and complex HPC workloads.

The GPU Cluster is intended to run jobs that can be subdivided into many smaller parallel processing jobs, according to the website.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parasoft launches new application lifecycle management platform

Parasoft, a California-based software vendor, has unveiled its new application lifecycle management (ALM) platform, Parasoft Concerto, which the company says delivers control of the software development lifecycle, enabling organisations ensure to produce quality software.

With the new platform, Parasoft leverages its testing capabilities to deliver objective and timely feedback on the flow of development activities, in order to enhance productivity while delivering more releases.

Parasoft Concerto enables users to plan for "what" needs to be developed, and allows users to monitor "how" the software is implemented, according to the company.

Parasoft VP of Strategy Wayne Ariola said Parasoft Concerto enables teams to be more productive while achieving unprecedented application quality.

"With companies now expecting more complex functionality to be delivered faster - and from fewer resources - software development process improvement has become a must have," Ariola said.

Monday, November 15, 2010

SunGard launches Blog Series for organisational efficiency

SunGard Availability Services, a provider of disaster recovery services and business continuity management software, has launched a blog series aiming at industry conversations on how to improve business and IT availability.

The company said the blog series is designed to keep executives updated on best practices regarding information technology for organisational efficiency.

The blog discusses the business and technology issues involved in implementing and managing cloud computing solutions, such as examining the best cloud computing approaches and secure cloud computing environments.

SunGard Availability Services director of solutions design Carl Meadows said organisations want to get out of the business of owning and maintaining IT hardware, and cloud computing is emerging as a natural evolution of managed services to address this goal.

"We look forward to contributing to industry dialogue by providing a cloud computing overview on how the cloud is helping save businesses time and money, while increasing operational efficiency," Meadows said.

SunGard Availability Services senior director of marketing Jim Grogan said they plan to spark discussions among the business and IT communities about optimised resilience in any type of business disruption situation.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cisco introduces 5940 Embedded Services Router for mobile network

Cisco has introduced the 5940 Embedded Services Router (ESR), a ruggedised router optimised for mobile and embedded networks that require IP routing and services.

The new router extends organisational resources with a high degree of security to employees in the field within the public safety, transportation, construction, mining and defense markets.

The company said that the new router establishes a scalable mobile network in first-responder vehicles, armoured vehicles, and passenger and freight rail trains.

The 5940 ESR is designed for use in harsh environments offering reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions typical for mobile applications in rugged terrain.

In addition, 5940 ESR compact form factor is complemented by the company's IOS Software and Mobile Ready Net capabilities, that provide secure data, voice and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.

Cisco research & advanced development senior vice president Brad Boston said the 5940 router is a key element of the offering architecture that defines the company's vision for the mobile network of the future, a network that continuously adapts, enabling people to connect and communicate how, when and where they need to.

"Without relying on predefined fixed infrastructure, the 5940 can deliver versatile, military-qualified mobile networking designed specifically for the most demanding conditions," Boston said.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Siemens Industry Automation Division launches new network management software

The Siemens Industry Automation Division has developed new network management software, which is designed to monitor and visualise the topology, availability and performance of industrial Ethernet networks.

The company said that the Sinema Server (Simatic Network Manager) software automatically recognises changes in the network and helps to identify and clear malfunctions.

The new offering documents the utilisation and availability of a network over any chosen period.

At regular specified intervals, the software recognises any change to the network, including all components within the network from whatever manufacturer (autodiscovery) and displays the current topology and any changes.

An extended, detailed diagnosis is available for Scalance network components.

The firm said several users can access the Sinema Server data simultaneously from any location using a Web browser and the display can be personalised for each user.

The content can be displayed on monitors in the production facility using HMI (Human Machine Interface) or Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

The software supports protocols such as OPC, SNMP, LLDP, DCP and "Ping".

Monday, November 8, 2010

NETGEAR launches new models in ProSafe Plus Switch family

NETGEAR, a networking company, has launched four new models in its ProSafe Plus Switch family, which provides built-in cable test support, QoS prioritisation for voice and video traffic, and VLAN configuration for network segmentation.

The new models include an eight-port desktop GS108E, 16-port desktop GS116E and rack-mounted 24-port JGS524E, all offer Gigabit Ethernet.

The models also include eight-port desktop GS108PE that provides Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for supporting devices such as IP phones, wireless access points, security cameras and remote switches without the need for separate electric lines.

ProSafe Plus family has features like traffic monitoring and control through a non-technical graphically based software utility, Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise traffic by port or by type of data, detection of cable loops to prevent broadcast storms, eliminating the need for network diagnostic tools

The family of switches also features automatic protection against Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) support for separating traffic, simple set-up, along with plug-and-play connectivity, fan-less design for quiet operation, and "NETGEAR Green" design.

It also offers auto power-down of unused ports and automatic cable-length detection to reduce power for cable runs under 10 metres.

NETGEAR product line manager Maggie Wu said now they are moving to the next level by responding to customer requests for Gigabit Ethernet, PoE and more ports.

NETGEAR ProSafe Plus Switches provide 24/7 technical support that connects users directly to experienced switching experts, which enable businesses to organise their networks. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Supermicro unveils new SuperServer 6046T-TUF

Server technology provider Super Micro Computer has extended its embedded/industrial PC (IPC) product portfolio with the addition of SuperServer 6046T-TUF based on the new SC842 short-depth (20") 4U chassis.

The new server provides I/O bandwidth and reliability with six PCI-E expansion slots, five hot-swap SATA drive trays for RAID storage, three 5.25" expansion bays for additional hard drives, onboard smart server management tools, and UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS support.

The 8MB UEFI BIOS provides advantages including no shadow ROM size limitation which delivers add-on card features plus faster operating system (OS) boot times.

In addition, it also eliminates hard drive size limits for the OS and provides further UEFI BIOS shell benefits.

The SuperServer 6046T-TUF incorporates front-side serial and USB ports and two onboard Type-A USB connectors for loading the embedded OS and for diskless system boots.

Further, it offers an onboard Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) with advanced IPMI 2.0 to enable both media-over-LAN and KVM-over-LAN access via a dedicated LAN port for convenient remote system management anytime from anywhere.

Supermicro president and CEO Charles Liang said the newest addition to Supermicro's Embedded and Industrial PC product portfolio, an optimised and compact 4U platform with a variety of motherboard, add-on card, redundant power, secure front bezel and other options addresses the unique needs of the market by offering up to seven years product lifecycle support.

"The innovative and robust short-depth architecture makes this platform ideal for embedded and IPC market segments, such as medical imaging, industrial automation, transportation, simulation, and telecommunication applications," Liang said.