Friday, November 26, 2010

ViVu unveils new videoconferencing tool for Microsoft Lync

ViVu, a provider of desktop videoconferencing and participative video webinar offerings, has unveiled its VuRoom Multiparty Videoconferencing for Microsoft Lync (previously Microsoft Office Communicator), the instant communicator platform used by enterprises across the world.

VuRoom for Lync provides enterprise-quality videoconferencing for up to eight attendees, where VuRoom displays the videos of all attendees simultaneously for a richer videoconference experience that conveys visual information from listeners and speakers alike.

ViVu said VuRoom also provides an option for adding videoconference attendees from outside the Lync network.

VuRoom supports a range of HD webcams and video cameras, and integrates with SIP-based enterprise Telepresence or video conferencing equipment from Polycom, Tandberg or LifeSize to leverage existing hardware investments.

Users of VuRoom for Lync can access collaboration tools that enhance the Lync feature set, including low latency desktop sharing with HD resolution and colour fidelity, and onscreen file sharing that displays PowerPoint animations, according to the company.

VuRoom was initially released as a Skype plug-in and subsequently recognised as a "Skype Favorite" by Skype users, delivering enterprise-quality collaboration features to the many individuals and small businesses.

ViVu's CEO Sudha Valluru said their new VuRoom plugin for Lync delivers the high-quality video collaboration features users have come to expect from VuRoom, with built-in enterprise-level security and without requiring the addition of hardware or software components to the enterprise IT infrastructure.


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