Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parasoft launches new application lifecycle management platform

Parasoft, a California-based software vendor, has unveiled its new application lifecycle management (ALM) platform, Parasoft Concerto, which the company says delivers control of the software development lifecycle, enabling organisations ensure to produce quality software.

With the new platform, Parasoft leverages its testing capabilities to deliver objective and timely feedback on the flow of development activities, in order to enhance productivity while delivering more releases.

Parasoft Concerto enables users to plan for "what" needs to be developed, and allows users to monitor "how" the software is implemented, according to the company.

Parasoft VP of Strategy Wayne Ariola said Parasoft Concerto enables teams to be more productive while achieving unprecedented application quality.

"With companies now expecting more complex functionality to be delivered faster - and from fewer resources - software development process improvement has become a must have," Ariola said.

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