Friday, November 19, 2010

Google tops US core search with 66.3% market share: comScore

Google led the US explicit core search market in October with 66.3% market share, followed by Yahoo! with 16.5% (down 0.2 percentage points) and Microsoft with 11.5%, according to a report from research firm comScore.

The report said Americans conducted 18.4 billion total core searches in October 2010, with Google sites accounting for 66.3% of share, increase from 66.1% in September.

Yahoo! US' total core search market decreased to 16.5% in October 2010 from 16.7% in September, while Microsoft sites grabbed 11.5% market share, up 0.3 percentage points versus September.

Ask Network grabbed 3.6% of the US core search market, while AOL Network accounted for 2.1%, both registering a drop of 0.1 and 0.2 percentage points, respectively.

In October 2010, Google accounted for 11.8 billion search queries, followed by Yahoo! with 3.4 billion queries and Microsoft sites with 2.2 billion searches.

According to the report, search queries increased marginally by 1% to 598 million from 593 million, while AOL search network queries decreased by 4 percentage points to 346 million from 362 million in September.

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