Monday, January 31, 2011

Google unveils customisable Chrome browser for businesses

IT administrators can now configure and deploy the browser according to their business requirements

Google said Chrome now offers controls which allow IT administrators to easily configure and deploy the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux according to their business requirements.

The search engine giant said it has created an MSI installer which enables enterprises who use standard deployment tools to install Chrome for all users of managed machines.

A support has been added for managed group policy, with a list of policies and a set of templates which allow administrators to easily customise browser settings to manage security and privacy.

Google has also added standard policy controls for Google Chrome Frame, an Internet Explorer plug-in that provides Chrome-quality rendering for the broader Web.

By deploying Google Chrome, organisations can take advantage of improved security and Web application performance without needing to upgrade other expensive software licenses or buy new hardware, and also access productivity-enhancing HTML5 web applications.

Google said it was working on polishing the next set of policies that will make Google Chrome even more customisable and useful to users in the future.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sony launches VAIO F Series 3D laptop

Sony has launched a VAIO F Series 3D laptop, a PC with 3D technology that features Sony's FullHD 3D LED backlight, which has built-in 3D sync transmitter and 3D active glasses, allowing users to enjoy 3D movies and photos in Full HD 1080p picture quality.

The F Series laptop features a 3D button that enables to convert 2D HD video and DVD/BD to 3D in real time.

The F Series includes a 16.0-inch Full HD (1920x1080) widescreen display, and a Blu-ray Disc optical drive that enables users to play high-definition content like movies in Full 1080 HD resolution as well as record, store and playback personal content on CD/DVD media.

The laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and Sony's S-Force front surround 3D system, while its stereo effect plus simulated 5-channel surround sound is suitable for viewing 3D content, and it can also be connected to HDTV through its HDMI output.

A NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 1GB dedicated VRAM card provides high-definition graphics processing for intense gaming action without placing huge demands on the unit's CPU.

User can directly launch into Sony's own Media Gallery software with the VAIO button on the keyboard, and access favorite music and photos with the software filing system.

The new laptop packs a second generation Intel Core i7 Processor with 4 cores and supports Intel Hyper-Threading and Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 delivering the premium performance needed for PC gaming.

Sony senior vice president of the VAIO business group Mike Lucas said this laptop is a multimedia powerhouse melding cutting-edge technologies such as Blu-ray Disc and 3D functionality into one portable device.

"Now users can have a new entertainment experience on the terms of living room or on-the-go, wherever," Mike said.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Google Chrome: New Google store offers extensions, web apps for Chrome users

A new portal has been launched by Google that the company says enables users to download extensions and Web applications to its Chrome Internet browser.

In the new Chrome Web Store, apps are split into nine themed categories, including games, education, news and services, according to

Google has urged users to download and install Chrome, as they will only be able to access the download site via the Google browser.

The company has designed the expansions and applications considering the new HTML5 web standard.

Users can access guidelines from the Themes area for setting the graphical interface of a browser to reflect one's personal choices, the website reported.

According to Google, software designers will have an opportunity to sell or give away their wares through the new store, which replaces the gallery where users have, until now, bought apps for Chrome.

Google said that they have seen a growth of three times in the number of chrome users this year to 120 million.