Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PGi unveils new online meeting offering 'GlobalMeet'

PGi, a provider of virtual meetings, has unveiled GlobalMeet offering, that brings together audio and web conferencing into one complete offering for simple, cost-effective meetings.

The new GlobalMeet is a cloud-based offering, that requires no downloads for meeting guests, and enables users to schedule, start and manage meetings directly from their desktop or mobile device, and connects participants automatically.

In addition, the new offering lets users escalate from an audio conference call to a Web conference including screen-sharing with the simple click of a button.

PGi founder, chairman and CEO Boland Jones said the company designed GlobalMeet to support the way people really work and they streamlined and simplified the user experience to enable users to focus on the meeting at hand, rather than wasting time navigating clunky and complex technology.


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