Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introduction to computer hardware and software

The Earlier you understand how your computer works the better for you, so in this case, one needs to know the difference between the computer hardware and software. The hardware and the software works together to Achieve a good result. With the help of hardware and software together in a computer system, you can perform the wide variety of functions possible on your personal system.

The computer hardware are Mainly the physical aspect of the computer, Those Things you can touch and feel, like the motherboard and all the things that are connected to it (CD-Rom, Ram, Hard disk, floppy disk, power unit), keyboard, mouse etc.

The computer software are what puts the hardware to work. The operating system is one of the computer software. Example of the operating system is Win98, WinME, WIN2000, WINXP etc.

Easily visible hardware includes your central processing unit (CPU), speakers, monitor, mouse, screen, cords, and mouse pad. These make up the actual unit. Peripheral devices (hardware) would be your floppy disks, hard drive, floppy drive, CD, CD drive, and random access memory (RAM) boards. Some of These are removable and / or can be shared and mailed. USB connectors, motherboards, routers and modems are use full Considered computer hardware.

We can now turn our attention to the software side of things. Some basic software you might want to consider installing is an office suite (MS Office for example or the free Open Which Allows you to create professional word documents, power point presentations, and even keep track of financial information.

Of course another important software program is an Internet browser (user-allowing you to "surf" the web). If you have a Windows PC, then you should have Internet Explorer (-which comes  pre - installed) or feel free to take a gander at Firefox - another free web browser (-which works on the Mac too).

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