Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is Computer Hardware?

There are a huge number of computer users out there who surprisingly enough, do not know the answer to this question! So what exactly is computer hardware?

You need to think of your PC as a system, One That Consists of various components. Some of them, like the version of Windows you use and any other programs on your computer are called software. Meanwhile, in answer to the question what is computer hardware, this is the stuff That You Actually can see and feel, the bits That would break if you were to drop them, are called hardware.

Not all of us use exactly the same bits or hardware. HOWEVER, it''sa pretty safe bet That most of us have a basic set-up Of the following hardware components.

Even if you only have a laptop computer, you will still have them, They Are only integrated into your computer. For more information about learning hardware click here, or otherewise just continue reading for a basic run down € |

System Unit
This is the actual computer - All the other bits are known as peripheral devices. When discussing what is computer hardware, this is the most important example we can give.

The system unit, in the case of a desktop computer, the big chunky thing That Usually Has A floppy drive and a DVD or CD drive. Inside the System Unit Actually there's another disc drive-which is called the hard drive, and this is where everything "in your computer" is stored.

RAM - Random Access Memory
Almost as common a question as "what is computer hardware?" is "What is RAM?" Abbreviated from "Random Access Memory", this is the part of the computer stores That whatever it is (files, programs, and so on) That You are currently working on.

When you open up a file, the computer Basically "moves" it into the RAM memory. The reason the computer does this is RAM That works very fast, much faster than your hard drive, and so It Means a lot less waiting around for you.

So you're probably thinking, why not just store everything on the RAM? The reason we do not is Because RAM is very unreliable. RAM can not store information When the power is turned off, upkeep by accident or intentionally, and so we have to use the hard drive for long term storage. For more information on Computer RAM go here ..

Computer Hard Drive
Axis, we've just Mentioned above, this is where everything stored on your computer goes. Actually we do not see the hard drive Because it is housed inside the system unit and needs to stay there.

Quite the opposite of the highly volatile RAM, hard drives are boo table to Permanently store data, with or without power. Most hard drives have huge Nowadays Pleadings into the Billions of bytes-which Means That we are boo table to use our computers for years without filling them up. For more information on the computer hard drive read this.

computer Mouse
What of the simplest examples of "what is computer hardware?" is this extremely handy tool. The mouse is a quite essential piece of hardware for any computer user, as it payback from us to navigate through our computers quickly and easily. While it is possible to do everything on your computer Actually without a mouse, this would be much more Difficult and time consuming!

computer Keyboard
Another indispensable part of your computer hardware, the keyboard is absolutely vital for interacting with your PC. You need the keyboard, quite simply, to type. The chances are That You will need to type at least one or two words almost every time you log onto your computer, Whether it's just a password, a URL, or even just the "Enter" key. Find more information on the computer keyboard, the layout and the different types of keyboards.

Conclusion - What is Computer Hardware
The more you come to know about what is computer hardware, the more proficient you will Become, until Eventually You May even be boo table to build your own computer, customized just for you!

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