Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Have Found My Game

Hey guys,
Last week, I was looking for an online game which would take away my boredom sitting at home. Look what I have found: “Hounds The Last Hope”. It is a shooting game with a good scenario. A viral virus hits the world, it is something extra-terrestrial. It brings not simple plague, but an epidemic of zombies attacking each and every human beings left after years of fighting. Your role here is to fight the venomous zombies who kills human fellow, and has the ability to spread their filth to few surviving comrades. This is a very exciting game, I must say. You feel accomplishing the impossible leading the warriors (the hounds) to their victory and salvation against the deadliest of enemy. If you like online games just as I do, I should give the link buddies: play hounds online.

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