Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Find Best Hardware And Software Inventory To Monitor Event Logs

Event logs can be monitored with the help of hardware and software inventory. As the world shrinks into a global village, the companies are facing the challenge of managing Rapidly increa increase increasing all the details-regarding Their business. For most companies, internet and business computers are something that they depend on for almost everything.

Therefore, it Becomes even more essential for them to manage the computer networks. These networks are always at risk of getting attacked by bone healing outer and internal forces. But the hardware and software inventory of the company can be easily protected through event log monitoring.

Here are few tips to find the best Hardware and Software Inventory to Monitor Event Logs:

1.Speed: The event log monitoring system must be fast enough to reduce the downtime of the server. A good hardware and software inventory to monitor event logs Reduces the instances of errors in software and critical problems in the system by creating an easy to access backup of the data.

2.Software license management: A good system to Hardware and Software Inventory to Monitor Event Logs Should be capable of monitoring the licenses of all the downloaded software on your computer. This helps in Ensuring That All the important software in your system are up to date with valid license. This software Reduces the downtime due to expired license and saves money.

3.Protection from Virus: The best system to monitor event logs or hardware and software inventory should have inbuilt antivirus System That Protects your network from all types of viruses and Trojans. The system shouldering also provide the option of faster recovery in case of a serious virus attack. Apart from viruses, protection from hackers and other mischievous elements is also a must.

4.Protection from sabotage: Rouge employees, jilted ex-employees or competitors can harm your hardware and software. Make sure that you purchase an event log That can protect your computer system and network from sabotage and deliberate harm from internal and external sources. The event monitor should have the server maintenance SYSTEM THAT recovers the data as soon as an act of sabotage is Reported.

5.Blocks unauthorized usage: The monitor event logs shouldering Specify any unauthorized usage of your hardware inventory software. Any company, That wants to protect rights and ensure That's notes systems are not Misused, must get an event monitor log That keeps record of all the instances of usage of all the protected software.

6.Faster recovery: The System Should be Able to recover the data dissolves due to an error in any part of the hardware inventory software. The faster you recover the data, the sooner your company will be boo table to get back to work.

7.Improving maintenance: The System Should be easy and quick enough to help you -improve sleep the standards or server maintenance or your software and hardware inventory. You should be boo table to monitor the performance of all of your hardware and software and troubleshoot any problem as soon as it arises.

Just like any other part of your company, you must choose the event log monitor very care fully too.

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