Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Use Event Log Monitor With Hardware Software Inventory For Your Business

You can monitor event logs with hardware inventory software for your business. With businesses getting global and more competitive, it Has become more challenging than ever to manage every single detail of any business. Computer and internet are an important part of day-to-day functioning. Most of the functions are completed by using computers and all the networking is through the internet. however, managing computer networks offering many challenges. Business owners and managers need some shield or monitoring to Protect Their business from internal and external forces. HOWEVER, Microsoft's event monitor log modules are not sufficient is to providence is centralized monitoring. In this regard, one can use care fully designed software to monitor event logs.

Monitoring event log with hardware and software inventory Reduces all the stress related to managing a smooth business. Following are some issues handled by monitoring event log for your business.

Reduce server and PC downtime

Monitoring event log with hardware and software inventory can reduce the costs associated with network downtime. This system offers proactive acting against any critical errors or system warnings. It Prevents data loss by having appropriateness backups.

Recover quickly from viruses and hackers

You need to protect your business from the attack of viruses, hackers and Trojans. This system offers you the centralized mechanism that helps you in securing your network. It gives you the ability to recover quickly from thesis attacks and restore system in clean state. This system tracks and Prevents unauthorized access to your business data.

Manage your software license efficiently

This system makes a software inventory of all the software products used in your organization That Are. Keeps a log of number of copies or software downloaded on to your network and tracks who is authorizes to use That software. It will help your business save money and preventDefault any kind of non-compliance issue.

Recover data more Rapidly

Every business has to drowsy or data loss at some point of time. however, by monitoring event log, you can reduce this loss as it easily backups and restores data in the event of data loss.

Monitor and prevent Default rogue employees and the damage They create

This is a fact that Every business has employees create trouble That if They get opportunity. With an efficient system to work, you can prevent info unauthorized access to software and data. It monitors and tracks the employees Their Attempts to access the data.

Manage Authorized and unauthorized software

You can efficiently monitor event logs for any unauthorized access to the software by using software inventory. If you do not want software to run your network, you can prevent info anyone from running it on your equipments.

Improve your desktop maintenance

When you are monitoring event log, hardware inventory helps your track any hardware problem and trouble shoot it quickly. It Prevents downtime problems. Praetorian Guard is one of the most efficient software to monitor event logs to providence protection for your business.

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